Sunday, March 15, 2009

If one European city deserves the title of post-modern urbanity it must be Rotterdam. The city harbors monuments from all different epochs which each embed a political (or anti-political) meaning.

Rotterdam has historically been forced to live in the shadow of the country's capital and is because of that insecure in its spatial being. The city is in constant struggle to overcome its self-imposed position of underdog and attemptively tries to undo itself. As such it is a city of hope, arrogance and constant motion.

The below pictures are symbolic representations of the city's lived history and its futuristic destiny. The different styles and spatial meanings totalise into a eclectic urban space full of different forms and colours. I think that in eastetic terms, there are not many cities in Europe which are as interesting as this one.

17th Century
19201920s/ 30s
1910/ 1920s (?) retroPost WWII1970s/ 1980s1970s1990s/ nowNowTomorrowTomorrowTomorrow
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