Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dissolved in water of a foul sewer

My pains are inflicted by monsters in the shape of drops of water
In those moments my smile fades away and disappears into the absorbing shadows of the past that always move silently behind me

The being in me parts and sadness then constitutes the new blood in my veins
No, sadness would be too great a thing!
How could I not understand that it is emptiness itself that steals my heart!

It is no physical pain nor emotional loss. No, non of that
It is me, myself, my being that is forced to be transformed into a mirror of someone I never met

Flushed away in a rain of water
Every grain of love
Every dream that is and ever was

The monsters around me move silently and are invisible
Like endless falling water they move their bodies without sound

They colonise me to take what I thought I was
I dissolve, while they take my remains in the abyss of a foul sewer where I too become another you

Monday, August 04, 2008

God 2.0

I do not see, I scan images
I am an organic machine with unlimited flash memory

In hyper-dromological speed I run through forests of yottabits
I do not save data but transfer my existence into other beings

I know no place nor temporality
I am well beyond

Out of sight
Out of range
Out of space

Pure liquid numerical air
Dissolved in a flux of constant Dasein

And now, now I am inside your brain

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Ballard and Shanghai

I am currently writing an article on Shanghai (or the transformation of Chinese cities from Communism to Post-Socialism) and while doing so I became aware of J.G. Ballard's intrinsic relationship with the city. I googled further and so the motivation for writing his "Empire of the Sun" unravelled.

Enjoy this BBC documentary which I found on Youtube about the writers experience of returning to Shanghai, after having left the city in 1946.